Download DU Cleaner (Boost&Clear Cache) Free

DU Cleaner is a storage analyzer and RAM cleaner program developed by DU Apps Studio who also developed DU Antivirus with App Lock. Following is the download link in order to download apk file for Android and Blackberry devices.

Download DU Cleaner APK

Some of the main features of DU Cleaner are that it’s small in size and thus runs smoothly on even low end devices. It analyzes the storage for operating system’s and applications’ cache files and other extra junk that is occupying the space of RAM or external SD Card.

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Please bear in mind that as this application deletes the cache for OS as well as other apps, it could delete some of the required files and you may lose your application data. Which is most of the times, your logged in info, perhaps photos and other stuff. But rest assured that it will not actually delete the actual files and just the temporary files. This is good for some of the applications such as Facebook and Photos by Google as they occupy huge storage space with cache files.

Just be careful while deleting cache of your online music players such as SoundCloud, Spotify and Google Play Music. As you will end up deleting your downloaded songs.

Size: 4.1 MB

Last Updated: 3rd June 2016

Current Version:

Developer: DU Apps Studio

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