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Snapchat is a photo and video messaging application that lets you post snaps to your wall or timeline, similar to Facebook. The only difference is that on Facebook, your friends or you can visit your timeline and would be able to check your year’s old posts, photos and videos but on Snapchat, the snaps can only be viewed twice and a snap is live for maximum 24 hours. And you can always buy micro transactions if you want to view it more than that.

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So it is more private in a sense and gives you a bit of more privacy control. But mind it, although the app does not give any option or feature to save someone’s snaps people can always save your snaps by taking a screenshot or capturing/recording it with a camera. One of the most popular users on Snapchat is DJ Khaled, I think,  who posts his motivational cloth talk on his account and gets millions of views in 24 hours.

The app is especially popular among youngsters.

Features of SnapChat:

  • Ability to edit videos and photos with filters for posting snaps.
  • Add real time effects on your face.

Size: 53.61 MB

Last Updated: 17th May 2016

Current Version:

Developer: Snapchat Inc.

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