Download Pokemon Go for BlackBerry & Android

Pokemon Go is one of the most addictive games recently launched in 2016. During it’s first week of launching, the Niantic, Inc’s Adventure game was having more active users than most popular social apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat. Following is the Download Link:

Download Pokemon Go APK

If you want to get fit while you enjoy a real world play, get the APK from above. Download and Install it and get out there and catch some Pokemons. You can be a member of one of the three teams. In order to catch a Pokemon, you will have to walk in your neighborhood, explore the area and be alert. Whenever there is a Pokemon nearby, your smartphone will vibrate, letting you know it’s time to catch a pokemon. All you got to do is to throw pokeballs on the pokemon and catch it before it gets away.

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Visit the most popular spots in your area or your city as they are most likely to be one of the pokestops which have more pokemon. To find different kinds of Pokemon, try walking in different areas, for example near lakes or beaches.

You will be able to catch bigger, more powerful Pokemon as you level up.

Note: The game is mainly optimized for smartphones, may not work on Tablets.

Size: 59 MB

Developer: Niantic Labs

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