Download Kijiji Free Local Classifieds APK

Kijiji is Canada’s largest classified website, now owned by eBay. Here you can post classified advertisements and buy and sell stuff locally. It’s almost similar to Craigslist but with lots of ads 🙂

Download Kijiji Free Local Classifieds APK for Android and Blackberry

Some of the main features of Kijiji are:

  • More than 100 categories to post stuff on. Buy and sell automobiles and property locally with Kijiji.
  • Publish advertisements directly from your smartphone with photos.
  • Search and browse other services, jobs, portfolios and local community posts.
  • Share your ads with your friends and family direct from the app.
  • Contact seller/poster direct from the Application by tapping on phone number or email.

Size: 11.7 MB

Developer: eBay Classifieds Group

Cool RAP Promotional Video by Kijiji:

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