Auto Stamper : Timestamp Camera for Photos APK for Android and Blackberry

Auto Stamper Timestamp Camera

Auto Stamper Timestamp Camera for Photos APK Download

If you were looking for an app that would add watermarks to your pictures by default. The Auto Stamper is made for you then. This photography app gives you the ability to put a stamp of the time, date, moment and location on your pictures so that you can view them later and cherish the memories that you had on that vacation that you were gone.

One of the best features of the app is that it’s pretty much automatic, you don’t have to import your pictures library or setup anything. You just install the app and from then on whichever picture you take from your inbuilt camera app will be handled by Auto Stamper to stamp Date and GPS information on to it.

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But that is not to say that it lack customization. You have full access to play with different font styles and shapes for stamps. You can choose the colors of your choice and save the pictures the way you want.

Click on the following link to download: Download Auto Stamper : Time stamp Camera for Photos APK for Android and Blackberry Smartphones.

Here is a video preview of the app:

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